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Post by Hideaki on Thu May 14, 2015 8:13 pm

What is your name?
My pen name is Sly, short for SlyFox or Slythefox37. My friends call me a bunch of nicknames, but you peeps can just call me Sly. I won't be giving out my actual name, since random people on the internet would be reading this... uh... that would be creepy

Are you a boy or a girl?
Girl, but I voice act a guy character :3

What is your role in the production?
I voice act for one of the gods, Hideaki, and I also color stuff. I may give a hand in backgrounds, but I don't have a ton of experience yet so that will probably wait. I also help with some character designs and names, and also donated one of my characters to CITC.

How did you find out about CITC?
My friend from school, Samuraidogs, asked me one day if I wanted to help her voice act for a project she was making with a friend. I replied AW HALL YES!!!! and that is where the magical CITC journey started for me.

What do you like to do?
I love to draw, animate, row, play video games, and sleep. I also enjoy making other people laugh and enjoy playing pranks on others. I also have a stationary fetish, yes, my obsession with stationary is that bad. Tehee. I also enjoy staying up late and doing nothing.

What other voice acting experience do you have?
None! I've never done any voice acting before! Uh I have talked a lot in front of a camera though, since I have a YouTube channel, and I did do a play in seventh grade. But actual voice acting...none. No experience what so ever! Always a first time for everything!

What other coloring experience do you have?
None! Here we are again! I got an art tablet a year ago, and I taught myself how to color things digitally. Oh, well, I have A LOT of experience coloring in color books. When I was little, that was like all that I did. So, I guess that may have transferred to my digital work too. I did pass a coloring test given to me by Moss and Samurai, so I have some skill! LOL.

Have you met any of the other crew members in real life?(ie not on Skype)
Yes. Samuraidogs and Prashanti. We are all classmates that go to the same school. I will probably meet Moss sometime soon face to face

What kind of program(s) do you use to get your work done?
I use SAI, GIMP, Pencil, Audacity,VLC media player, Dropbox, and Skype, but mostly SAI, Dropbox, and Skype. I can also quickly adapt to using any program, so if some file needs to be changed I usually know what program to use and how to do that.

What team worker stereotype do you fall under? (leader, clown, strict, sleepy...)
The clown/funny one. Uh, I was actually banned as a colorist for awhile because I kept hiding "Easter eggs" and "immaturity" in the background of the stuff I was coloring :3. Also, I get really hyper on Skype calls. Eventually I can calm down enough to be serious, but any little immature joke will send me through the roof. Or when someone makes a funny noise. My attention span is very short when I'm excited and in a good mood

What is the first thing that came to your mind when you heard the title Cats in the Clouds?
Cats in the Clouds? Like...gods? Wait.... how would they breath? Are they as magical as Carebears? What would they stand on? Are they made of clouds? Huh, still sounds pretty cool

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