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First News

Post by Samuraidogs on Tue May 12, 2015 7:47 pm

CitC was created in 2014, and is now being worked on officially in 2015.
<-- Storyboard with music for ending.
[ dA group ]

This is the first news update! So far in CitC (Cats in the Clouds), we have created storyboards for the ending (which are being lined, colored, and shaded currently), and are beginning the animation for the opening. The storyboard for the first episode has also been started. We also have four voice actors in total currently, who are all excited for the project (two of which are me and Warriorforest!). We have created a Dropbox folder for Cats in the Clouds, but currently it's private.

In regards as to what we are doing now, we are mainly finishing the ending and opening, and also collecting more voice actors and such on the side.

Hope you enjoy!

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