Audition Requirements

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Audition Requirements

Post by Warriorforest on Tue May 12, 2015 9:33 pm

Position Description:
Voice Actors are to, well, provide their voices for characters.

-good quality microphone
-time, available at least once a week

Audition Instructions:
Send us a few lines of available characters that you're auditioning for.

Shi: (male voice, deep and gruff)
"Hmph. Why are you wasting my time with your pathetic issues?"

"Kameko, for the last time-" ... "I-I-a-oh.. I-I see. Well," Clear throat. "Very well then. Come on."

Kameko: (mature female voice, not deep)
"Er, I don't think that's such a, um, 'hot' idea.. considering that has no strategy, or logic, or anything. At all."

"Hey! What- did you do that to my sweater?!"

Akihiko: (male voice, somewhat loud and leaning towards highish pitch)
Hysterical, uncontrollable laughter. Gasping for air. Snickers. "Oh man! You should've see the look on your face! It was priceless!" Scoff. "Blah, blah, blah. Don't give me some stupid lecture. Lighten up!"

"H-Hey now! Q-Quit that! Ack!" Puff out and sigh. "Happy with yourself Hitomi? Now get off!"

Hitomi: (mature female voice but has ability to go quite high)
"Hm? No, of course not! Why do you guys always blame me for things?" ('hurt' voice)

"U-Uh what? Ha.. Well, there's no helping it.."

Keiko: (young female voice, ability to sound more childish, and sound rather seductive at times)
"Me? A thief? Nonsense!" ('innocent' voice) "Why would a sweet, little kitty like me do a naughty thing like that?"

"Oh my, my~ Somebody's working up quite a fuss over me." Giggle. "Perhaps you have a crush on me?"

Dai: (female voice leaning to higher-pitched, capable of a lower voice)
“Pfft, you’re silly. I know it’s gonna work ‘cause I’m always right, see? Have you ever seen me give an incorrect answer? There. Exactly. (angry) Now go! I don’t want you wasting my precious time.”

“Whoa, I’m so high up! You said it’s dangerous, but there’s nothing up here but some tiny birds! What’s dangerous, huh? (laugh, then shriek/gasp) Wah, I’m falling! Oh my god!! Catch me!”

Young Aoi: (high, loud, childish female voice)
Gasp. Yell. "Wow! Mommy did you see that?" Giggle. "That was so much fun! Can I do that again?" Loud squealing.

Sniffle. Sniffle. "T-That mean, ol' bunny hurt me.." Whimper. Sniffle. "Am I going to get better?"

Young Purple: (high-pitched childish voice)
“Um, hi! Who are you? My name is Purple! A lot of people say that’s a silly name, but I think it’s cool! (giggle) Oops, I got mud on me. Oh well! C’mon, let’s play!”

“Whoa… what is this cave thingy? (shout) HI, I’M PURPLE! echoes! What’s this thing? (small shriek) Ow! Don’t touch it, that thing is really pointy...”

Hamon: ('normal' male voice)
Yelling. "Aoi! Get down from there before you fall!" Lower voice, even more panicked. "Ohhh, if you get hurt, your mother's going to kill me and turn me into a fur coat!"

"Arashi? Hm, that's a nice name. It means 'storm', right?" Nervous laugh. "I'm not sure if it's because of your pelt or your attitude." Gasp. Holler. "Hey! Hey! Calm down! I was only kidding!"

“Oh… what am I ever going to do with you? (sigh) Purple, I told you not to get mud in your fur! It’s very hard to clean out, and that makes mommy sad, because she has to work a /lot/ to get it out. C’mon, into the bath. (shout) Hey! Come back here!”

“I wonder, what has this world come to? Even when it was in the darkest times, I never remembered it being so bad… (sigh, very despondent voice) I fear the worst… the harsh future our children will have to live in makes me wonder if they’ll even survive…”

“Purple, listen to what your mother says, okay? I love you very much, but don’t go and get into trouble! (scolding) It’s very troublesome for both of us. When you go to play again, make sure you don’t get mud in your fur!”

“Hey, where’s Purple? ...the cave?! No, she can’t go in there! (angry shouting) If an adult can die in there, what makes you think a tiny kitten like her will survive! (growl) I’ve got to go, let go of me!”


Vithen's Mom:

Aka Manto: (low, smooth male voice, but can raise voice to a terrifying screech)

Teke Teke: (high pitched, female voice that can drop extremely deep, and can scream at both pitches)



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